Ai's TOEIC Testimony


"Japanese Student Ai Owada's TOEIC Result and Testimony"

I’m writing this letter to extend my gratitude to all my teachers and my friends who encouraged me to study harder during my stay in CNC.

I first came to CNC as an ESL student 2 years ago and studied for 8 months. At that time I was really beginner level. All I can say were “yes” and “no”. I felt very embarrassed when I talked to anyone so I studied basic rules to improve my English skills. After 8 months, I could talk eloquently and had confidence to use English but my confidence was crushed when I went to Australia on a working holiday visa after studying at CNC. There were many foreigners who spoke well in Australia. Actually, I really enjoyed my stay there with my jobs, friends and environment; however, I realized that I had nothing to prove my English skills after going back to my country. This was the reason why I decided to study TOEIC and came back to CNC again.

To be honest, I thought studying TOEIC would be easy for me because I had been studying English for 2 years. However, I was totally wrong. I realized that I knew nothing about English. I made many silly mistakes in the first few weeks and it broke my confidence again. I acknowledge that I studied hard every single day for 3 months. I cried many times due to the difficulty of the TOEIC materials. I am a very weak person but I didn’t give up on the challenge to go to the next step of my life. After 3 months, I went to Cebu to take the official TOEIC test. Finally, I got a 900 TOEIC score. When I saw the result, I cried again but they were not sad tears. I was very happy with my achievement. Actually, it exceeded my expectation because I didn’t expect to get such a high score. I’m so proud of myself and thankful to all my teachers, especially Miss Odette. She was the one who believed I could achieve 900 even though I doubted it myself. I could not have reached my goal without her. Now I can say that it’s worth studying TOEIC. It made my knowledge wider. Besides, I’m so glad to study together with the rest of the TOEIC students. I couldn’t keep my motivation without them.

My life at CNC would be the treasure of my life.

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